Flathead Vet Accupuncture for Pets

Insertion of thin sterile needles into precise anatomical locations throughout the body to trigger a cascade of cellular reactions effecting the local tissue, corresponding spinal section, and brain.


Aromatherapy is the medical application of essential oils, aromatic compounds found in plants that could enhance health both physically and emotionally.

Eastern Medicine

We approach each case with the belief that we are all a microcosm of the larger universe and that our companion’s health is dependent on a balance of mind, body and spirit. We offer treatment approaches, herbs, and remedies rooted in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Reiki.

Flathead Vet and Wellness hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy - Underwater Treadmill

We have an underwater treadmill that provides an exceptional non-concussive therapeutic exercise. Great for weight loss, post surgical rehabilitation, muscle strength, and neurological disorders.

Holistic Health

We offer personalized wellness plans starting with the elimination of toxins, assisting in appropriate nutrition, providing detoxification techniques, and utilizing a variety of modalities to promote repair at the cellular level.

Laser therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a form of photobiomodulation, utilizing light energy to work directly at the cellular level maximizing cell efficiency and regeneration to promote faster healing.

Massage & Craniosacral

We utilize a variety of massage techniques including effleurage, myofascial release, trigger point release, capsular breakdown, joint compression, acupressure, and tui-na. We also have advanced training in veterinary craniosacral, a gentle bodywork technique targeting the bones of the skull, spine, and sacrum to promote fluid movement of the cerebral spinal fluid and release any restrictions to allow for optimal body mechanics.

Nutritional Consultation

We are what we eat and so are our companions. Food therapy is used to balance the body and to medicate during disease. It is the foundation of health and prevention. We offer an Animal Diet Formulator by Royal Health University supported by the Companion Animal Nutrition & Wellness Institute (CANWI) to assist in formulating balanced diets. We are also trained in using the Clinical Animal Nutrition Survey (CAN) and tissue mineral analysis to help detect any nutritional deficiencies.

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Conditioning

We offer a non-slick gym room floor with a variety of canine exercise equipment used to help promote healthy range of motion and build muscle mass. We can also design and instruct home exercise plans both for rehabilitation and conditioning.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

This noninvasive alternative therapy uses magnetic pulses to cause expansion and contraction of cells promoting detoxification and stimulation of the body's natural healing process at the cellular level.

Spinal Mobilization & Chiropractic

An advanced manual therapy technique involving the gentle coaxing of spinal joints back into alignment to reduce muscle spasm, promote health of the spinal chord and nerve roots and encourage optimal mobility.

Preventative Health for Pets
Preventative Wellness Examinations

Just like is says, we offer yearly complete holistic physical examinations. We discuss diet, current medications and supplements, vaccinations and titers, exercise, lifestyle, emotional issues, and blood work or other diagnostic recommendations.

Laboratory Diagnostics

We offer a variety of wellness blood, fecal, urine, cytology and hormone panels to be sure your pet is staying healthy on the inside as well. We also partner with several unique specialized labs to do nutritional analysis, vitamin D testing, glyphosate testing, allergy testing, and cancer screening.

Vaccine Titer Testing

Once your companion has had their routine juvenile vaccines, we recommend titer testing in the years to come in order to prevent over vaccination. We can quantify the actual amount of protective immunity that your pet has mounted to the most common core diseases.

Stone Medicine

Stone medicine is the ancient art of healing using different stones and crystals to help set balance to the body.

Flathead Vet Wellness Therapy for pets
Piezowave Vet Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive treatment option for our patients experiencing pain and lameness from injuries, osteoarthritis, or surgical procedures. This device delivers a series of high-pressure sound waves that create a regenerative response to the damaged tissues promoting reduction in pain and inflammation and faster healing. Treatments are non-invasive and patients typically respond within 1-3 treatments.

Ozone Therapy for Vets Flathead Vet Whitefish
Ozone Therapy

With oxidative stress as the root cause of inflammation and disease, ozone therapy is one of our most powerful tools for any condition. Ozone therapy utilizes medical grade oxygen to generate O3, ozone, a potent energized form of oxygen. When delivered to the cells it is a biological activator increasing oxygen utilization, optimizing mitochondrial function, and overall improving cellular health. There are a variety of methods of administration ranging from wound rinses, fluid therapy, hemotherapy, joint injections, abdominal injections, ear insufflation, rectal insufflation, limb bagging, and topicals.

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