Helping your pet with energy medicine

Our beloved dogs and cats are so very valuable to us. They are our companions in easy times, but also in difficult times. At those difficult times we appreciate all over again how good it feels to have a furry friend on our side. Especially dogs (but cats too) have it down and show us what unconditional love really is. They even take on our emotions to help us feel better.

When I work with animals it shows, over and over again, what emotions they have taken on if we are allowed to know, from whom. In energy medicine we know, that negative emotions can wreak havoc on the energy systems our body harbors. As an energy medicine practitioner in general, I know first hand, that if somebody is, as an example, a worry wart, that at some time in life the digestive system, especially the stomach, will show issues unless some energy work is done before this manifests in the body. This knowledge comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is 1000s of years old. Animals have the same energy systems that we do and therefore they can have similar issues.

Wouldn’t it be just so nice to be able to help our fur babies with really easy to follow energy medicine moves. Not only will you bond even deeper with your pet, but you both will thoroughly enjoy your time together.

In this article I want to focus on anxiety in animals. I will describe a “mini-session” you can do to calm your pet down. Please respect, that if she shows signs that she does not want the attention, please don’t force it. Try it another day! The touch should be very gentle and if she does not want to be touched at all, you can do everything a few inches away from the body in her energy field and it will have the same positive effect.

Start with the Hook-up to connect energy systems: Hold the chest with one hand and the back, below the neck, with the other. Maybe you can even match her breath. Start a loving conversation with her. If you prefer to be quiet, do it in your mind, it will connect you both on a whole different level. Set the intention to bring calmness, love and peace to her.

Ground your furry friend: The first stroke goes with both hands from the nose over the forehead, behind the ears, along the front of the shoulders down to the front paws. Hold your hands there for a few breaths and imagine roots growing out of the paw pads and taking hold in the Earth. The second stroke also starts with both hands from the nose over the forehead, along either side of the spine, down the front of the hindlegs to the paws. Hold your hands there for a few breaths and imagine roots growing out of the paw pads and taking hold in the Earth. The third stroke starts again from the nose over the forehead, along the spine, down the tail. Follow the direction of the tail all the way to the ground. Again, hold your hand there for a few breaths and imagine roots growing out of the end of the tail.

Mummy lick and Crown Pull calms her: Stroke on either side of the nose along the cheeks to the ears. This is what a dog mommy does to her puppies to calm them down. Then with light pressure pull your fingers from the top of her head down the sides. Keep going back with this movement until you reach her neck. This opens space for excess energy to move out of her body. Do those moves at least three times.

Spinal Flush helps the lymph system to detox and releases stuck energy along the back: Now use your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other side of the spine and massage the soft spaces in between the vertebrae with very light pressure in circles. Don’t work on top of the bone, but rather right next to the spine. Go all the way down to the beginning of the tail. This can be done multiple times. When done, sweep excess energy off the body, by stroking from head to tail a couple of times.

Energy needs to cross over from one side of the body to the other: If she is happy lying on her back, stroke with your hand from one shoulder across the belly to the opposite hindleg, then do the same thing on the other side. Repeat two or three times. If she does not want to lie on her back; start at the bridge of her nose and draw a figure 8 over her eyes. First in one direction, then in the other. Do it two or three times each way. Figure 8s are a very powerful move in energy medicine. When your pet gets hurt, you can figure 8 the pain spot for a few minutes and you will be surprised how much this helps.

Triple Warmer Smoothie: Triple Warmer is a meridian that governs the fight, flight, freeze response. When she is fearful and anxious, Triple Warmer is getting the body ready for fight or flight, which means the blood will go from the head to the limbs to be able to run fast. Also, there is a hormonal response going on, that includes adrenalin, cortisol etc. To calm down Triple Warmer, we do the Smoothie: With both hands, start at the sides of her eyes, move over to the ears while breathing in, move behind the ears over the shoulders down to her chest while breathing out. Hold one hand there for a few breaths, or even better draw a few hearts on her chest.

Calming hold for fear and anxiety: Put the palm of one hand on the top of her head and the other on the back of her head, right over the end of her skull (occipital area). Talk to her in a very calm voice and tell her how much you love her.

The more you pamper your fur baby this way, the calmer she will get and the more trust she will develop. Be aware though, that our pets often mirror our own problems. So take a good look at yourself too. If you have an anxious animal, Are you anxious? Are you nervous or fearful?

Monika A. Puglielli, EEM-CP is a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, located in Whitefish, MT. She is also certified in Animal Energy® Communication and Healing. For more info, please visit her website at Abundance em

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